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Ed Hardy "LOVE KILLS SLOWLY" Platnum Rhinestone Tee

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Product Description

Ed Hardy is created by Christian

Ed Hardy is created by Christian Audigier, man behind the Von Dutch Brand. Audigier brings the legendary tatto artist Don Ed Hardy's Tatto graphics to smashing hit clothing line, Ed Hardy.

Ed Hardy brand is the most sought after among Hollywood Celebrities. Madonna was spotted wearing Ed Hardy peace tunic. Paris Hilton was seen rocking Ed Hardy Rhineston cap. Sylvester Stallone's special "Rambo" Ed Hardy tshirts was printed and released. And many more celebrities were spotted such as Sean Diddy Combs, David space, Allesandra Ambrosio, LA Lakers, Britney Spears and so on. The list goes on. Not only Ed Hardy is adorning celebrities in the US but also those super stars all over the world. BoA, asia sensation singer and Byung Hun Lee, Korean actor were seen wearing Ed Hardy.

Christian Audiger expand the brand by launching his own named brand Christian Audiger, and Smet inspired by Rock legend John Hallaway and continue to suprise and innovate the world of the fashion.